Female American rapper Foxy Brown has seemingly jumped headlong into the on-going Mavado vs. Vybz Kartel lyrical battle, as she has recorded a voice-over/remix of Mavado’s hit single “I’m So Special” (Unfinished Business riddim) where she accuses Kartel and her long-time rival Lil’ Kim of bleaching their skin.

Foxy Brown dissing Lil’ Kim is almost regular news in the hip-hop world, as the two have traded words and insults many times over the years. However, her mention of Vybz Kartel adds an interesting and global twist to the on-going Mavado vs. Kartel saga. There are pictures of her hanging out with Mavado in New York, and with this new track she is clearly showing her alignment with Mavado’s camp.

Her possible dislike of Kartel may stretch a few years back, as in 2004 at a time when Kartel was in the midst of a lyrical battle with Assassin and Spragga Benz, he counteracted Spragga Benz with a song that was not too flattering about the assumed intimate relationship that Spragga and Foxy may have had in the past.

Here is Foxy Brown’s remix of Mavado’s “So Special”:

Warning: The audio clip below contains strong language and is intended for adults only. If you are under 18 years of age or may be offended by such material, please exit this page now.

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