Popular female dancehall/reggae singjay Vivienne Stephenson, more popularly known as Tanya Stephens, is trodding a road that no established Jamaican artiste has likely traveled before. She has released her latest album, “Infallible”, and has made it completely free to download by anyone who wants it. Stephens announced the release earlier today with a simple statement, “Infallible by Tanya Stephens! Feel free to forward the link to as many people as you wish. The album is completely free of cost. Enjoy!!

According to Andrew Henton of Tarantula Records, Stephens’ own record label, Tanya wanted to do something special for her fans, the major reason being that there’s a recession going on, and things are already hard on everyone. He added also, that Tanya believes that when she gives an album to a major label (e.g. VP Records), technically she’s giving it away for free anyway, so she would much rather give it directly to the fans.

Get your copy of Tanya Stephens’ “Infallible” album; download it here.

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