Popular dancehall artiste Busy Signal was on tour in Europe recently, but immediately upon his return to Jamaica, he was reportedly met at the Norman Manley International Airport by members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Fugitive Apprehension Team and United States marshals, and promptly arrested on an extradition warrant to the United States.

Busy Signal, who broke unto the dancehall scene in 2004 with “Step Out” [Amazon | iTunes], had publicly used the name “Reanno Gordon”, and had been traveling on a passport in that name, but according to the allegations of the extradition warrant, his real name is “Glendale Goshia Gordon” and he has been on the run since 2002 for a drug offence that was allegedly committed in the U.S. state of Minnesota.

A simple Google searched revealed a Minnesota District Court Case No. 0:02-cr-00054-JMR-FLN: USA v. Gordon, with a Glendale Gordon being charged with one count of Conspiracy to distribute and to possess with intent to distribute cocaine, 3 counts of conspiracy to distribute cocaine (level 4) and a 3rd charge of possession with intent to distribute cocaine. The ‘Level 4’ indicator for the conspiracy to distribute cocaine charge is particularly telling, as it is an indicator of conspiracy to distribute 5 or more kilograms.

What’s next for him? Very likely, a battle in the local courts here in Jamaica (assuming he decides to fight the extradition warrant).

Busy Signal recently released his latest album, “Reggae Music Again” [Amazon | iTunes], on the Xenon label. Better known for his fast-paced, clever rhymes on hardcore dancehall riddims, “Reggae Music Again” (as its name implies) features Busy Signal singing and rhyming on slower reggae versions, with the album being produced by well-known reggae music producer Shane Brown.

Busy Signal - Reggae Music Again

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